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Each tasting at Peters Prairie Vineyard is a journey through the unique Hickory Sands terroir of Texas Hill Country. Every bottle tells the story: sustainable practices driven by our passion for the land, our people, and the visionary vintages that unite us.

You’re invited to join our vibrant community and celebrate the joy of connection that defines our wines.

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Savor Our Award-Winning Collection

Each selection, from the robust symphony of Syrah to the subtle notes of Pinot Grigio, is a celebration of our Hickory Sands terroir.

We craft our award-winning wines through traditional, artisanal methods, rooted in a deep respect and understanding of our land. Designed to bring people together, every bottle fosters the moments and memories that define our community.

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Peters Prairie

Behind the Vines

Discover the heart of Peters Prairie Vineyard through the eyes of Kim and Curt Henderson.

Their journey, supported by a team as passionate and dedicated as the founders themselves, embodies our commitment to tradition, quality, and the spirit of Texas.

Join us in celebrating the hands that craft our wines.

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