A Budding Idea


On Mother’s Day in 2018, Kim and her mom drove past our current property. Kim looked at her mom with a twinkle in her eye and said, “Let’s go look!”. Upon walking through the vineyard and running her fingers through the soil, Kim felt a need to be more connected to the land. Together with her husband Curt, the couple acquired Peters Prairie Vineyard in 2018. Driven by a love for the land and its people, Kim and Curt work hard to find and support local talent to develop the wine-growing region of Mason County.
The vineyard is named after the surrounding prairie, which takes its name from Major Joshua Peters. During the 1850s and 1860s, contracted by the U.S. military, Major Peters supplied cut native grasses from the prairie for Fort Mason’s horses and livestock. His descendants are living in the area to this day. The community which developed took the name of Peters Prairie.
In a tribute to the area’s rich history, Peters Prairie Vineyard honors the land and the stories it holds. Even the bottle labels celebrate the region. The roadrunner and cactus perfectly represent the rugged beauty of the West Texas and Hill Country landscapes. The label art, an exact copy of a leather hand tooling, was crafted by Kim’s grandfather Ernest while working in the oil wells of Gillette, Wyoming, in the 1970s.
For Kim, Peters Prairie Vineyard is also a culmination of a life’s dream. A tribute to second chances and legacy. It’s about real work. It’s about creating. And the vineyard is budding.


The Queen of our Vineyard


At Peters Prairie Vineyard, we take great care to work with the existing old vines and plant new varieties best suited to the land. As a result, newcomers to our collection can explore our wines that reflect our unique Texas terroir.
Our only white wine, the Peters Prairie Vineyard Pinot Grigio, is delicate and infinitely refreshing, while our Syrah Rosé is a must to cool down on hot summer days. For those in the mood for celebration, our Bubbly Syrah Rosé adds a sparkle to any occasion. Of course, the true queen of our vineyard is Syrah. With hints of smoke, pepper, and spice, this is a whorl of full-bodied elegance, finishing long and effortless. Texas Hill Country lends itself to warm weather varieties thanks to the fertile Hickory Sand soils, hot days, and arid conditions. That’s why we grow several Mediterranean varieties, including the Italian variety Barbera, the Spanish variety Tempranillo, and the French variety Malbec. Our 2019 Malbec won Texas Class Champion at the Houston Rodeo International Wine Competition.



Great Wine Starts In The Vineyard


We are first and foremost grape growers. Vine health is our prerogative. As such, our team is acutely aware of the long-term impact of human activities on the environment. Under the guidance of our Vineyard Manager Lex Fleming, Peters Prairie uses practices with sustainability at their core. They are concerned with minimizing the negative environmental impact of farming, promoting soil health, and nurturing the land for future generations. Our grape  growing philosophy is only to take what the land can produce so that we never over burden it.With this in mind, upon purchasing the property in 2018, we chose not to replant the vineyard. Instead, we took great care to nurture and restore the existing vines. This has helped our team gain a deeper appreciation for the nuances of our specific area and helped us create wines with more character and complexity. Our latest harvest collected 25 tons, with our goal to restore the vineyard to its peak production of 50 tons. To date, Peters Prairie is 22 acres of land, with 17 acres planted to vine. Whether you’re a newcomer to Texas wine or an avid supporter, our mission is to work exclusively with 100% Mason County grapes carefully grown by our dedicated team to expand your wine horizons with the best Texas Hill Country wine possible. Enjoy a taste of Texas land, people, and wine with Peters Prairie Vineyard.