For Love of Land, People, and Wine

A Mother’s Day Revelation

On Mother’s Day 2018, Kim and her mom, Priscilla, found themselves in front of Peters Prairie Vineyard adorned with a for sale sign. Kim turned to her mom, her eyes twinkling, and exclaimed, “Let’s go look!” 

Captivated by the potential of the sprawling vineyard before them, Kim felt an instant, deep bond with the land. This connection inspired Kim and her husband, Curt, to embark on a journey of revitalization, transforming Peters Prairie Vineyard into a beacon of community and tradition.

Named after the historic prairie and Major Joshua Peters, an influential figure who nurtured the land in the mid-19th century, the vineyard weaves the fabric of local history into its identity. 

The legacy is further celebrated in our bottle labels, inspired by the handcrafted leatherwork of Kim’s grandfather, Ernest, symbolizing a connection across generations to the rugged landscapes of West Texas and Hill Country.

For Kim, the vineyard is not just land; it’s the realization of a dream and a testament to the power of second chances. It represents a commitment to nurturing the soil, supporting local talent, and fostering the growth of Mason County’s wine culture.


The Pride of the Prairie

At Peters Prairie, we honor the legacy of our old vines while embracing new varieties that flourish in our unique terroir. 

From the refreshing Pinot Grigio to the celebratory Bubbly Syrah Rosé, each wine is a reflection of our dedication to quality and the distinct flavors of Texas Hill Country. 

Our Syrah stands as the vineyard’s crown jewel, embodying a blend of smoke, pepper, and spice that captures the essence of our land. 

Our commitment to excellence is underscored by the numerous awards our wines have won across the country, a proud achievement for our team.


Sustainability and Stewardship

As stewards of this land, we prioritize the health of our vines and the environment.

Led by Vineyard Manager Lex Fleming, our practices emphasize sustainability, soil health, and responsible farming to ensure the vineyard thrives for generations to come. Opting to restore and replanting when necessary, we’ve deepened our relationship with the land, uncovering its nuances and enhancing the complexity of our wines. Our goal is to fully realize the vineyard’s potential, working exclusively with 100% Mason County grapes to offer a true taste of Texas and ensuring its legacy for generations to come.

Peters Prairie Vineyard stands as a symbol of love for the land, commitment to community, and the enduring legacy of Texas winemaking. Join us in savoring the rich stories and exquisite wines that make Peters Prairie a cornerstone of Texas Hill Country.