Partner with Peters Prairie

In partnering with Peters Prairie, your establishment weaves a rich tapestry of stories into the dining experience. Our small-batch approach to winemaking ensures that every bottle narrates a story of dedication, community, and the bonds we build together. These stories, shared tableside, transform each tasting into a journey, enhancing the flavors and aromas with layers of heritage and heart.

Savor the Story: Lone Star Legacy in Every Glass

Nestled in the heart of Texas Hill Country, Peters Prairie Vineyard is among the oldest cultivated lands in the state, embodying a legacy of tradition and quality. Here, every vintage weaves a tale of Hickory Sands terroir, each bottle a testament to our enduring connection to this land and our community.

From Texas Soil to Your Table

Our wines, carefully curated to pair with diverse menus, are conversation starters and memory makers. They bring a Texas charm to your tables, inviting guests to savor not just a meal, but a moment in time. 

As servers pour our award-winning selections, they’re inviting diners into the enduring legacy of Peters Prairie Vineyard, enriching the tasting experience with stories of community, craftsmanship, and the vibrant spirit of Texas.


Let’s Create a Legacy Together

Let’s start a conversation and explore how our wines can elevate your dining experience. Kim Henderson, co-custodian of this historic vineyard, can’t wait to hear from you and perhaps, over a shared glass, begin a new chapter together. Invite the essence of Peters Prairie Vineyard to your tables, and let each exquisite bottle enrich every dining experience.