Meet the Hearts Behind the Harvest

The Peters Prairie Vineyard Team

Peters Prairie

Kim & Curt Henderson, Owners

In 2018, a Mother’s Day drive led Kim and her mother to discover Peters Prairie Vineyard adorned with a for sale sign.

Later that year, Kim (alongside her husband Curt) acquired the vineyard, forging a deep connection with the land and community.

Their dedication now nurtures both the vines and local talent in Mason County, embodying a commitment to the land and its rich wine-growing heritage. Kim & Curt Henderson can be contacted at

Our Winemaking Philosophy

The Team, Vineyard & Tasting Room

The vineyard and tasting room team!

Front (left to right): Lex Fleming, Katie Fleming, Kim Henderson, Curt Henderson

Back (left to right): Amber Hengst, Jenna Evans, Shanna Price, Brennon Kennedy, Max Henderson

The Team can be contacted at

Katie & Lex Fleming, Managers

Vineyard Manager: Lex Fleming

General Manager: Katie Fleming

Katie & Lex Fleming can be contacted at

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